We love a good pint so we had a chat with Cape Town’s very own Stone Circle brewery, run by Nick and Jo.

Hi Jo and Nick, how is the brewery going?
“Starting any business is has it’s ups and downs but we are lucky enough to have a big group of regulars and our beer is receiving good reviews. The name reflects this: the Stone is for strength, the circle stands for our very special circle of friends.”

How did you get started as a brewer/brewery?
“We have a passion for beer and brewing. For four years we brewed every Sunday at home and then eventually went commercial.”

Favorite styles?
“We love everything and make different each month to keep it fresh. If pushed I would have to admit that I am partial to hoppy beers.”

Best beer experience you ever had?
“Winning the “People’s Choice” Award at the Woodstock Winter Beer Festival 2017”

The world is going to explode in an hour, what beer do you drink and why?
“I would drink something that I have never tried before.”

Anything you want the world to know about: anything goes!
“We are all individuals and we don’t have to be the same as everyone else.”


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