Yay, it’s beginning to look a lot like… Christmas! I know, it’s early days, but now is the time to get ready, beat the December rush! especially if you’d like something custom made, just for you. Like the fabulous Custom Christmas Baubles Fiona Steyn of Creative Tootsies makes, and you can win your own custom bauble, just read on below!

Hi Fiona, tell us a little about yourself?
“My name is Fiona Steyn and I live in Bellville. I am under construction, a work in progress going on 40.
I love being creative and working with my hands. Born and bred in Cape Town, I also had my feet steady in the west coast.
My grand parents had a farm there, Holbak. That is where I became ‘mens’. We, my brother and myself, worked and played on the farm. We helped with the sheep, carried water to the farm house and we even had our own ‘boshuis’. Years passed and I had to start working. Loved what I did but the hunger for more was calling loud and clear.”

Have you always lived in Cape Town?
“Yes I have. Conceived in Parow. Born in Parow. Stayed in Goodwood and then later moved to Bellville.”

What does Cape Town mean to you?
“Cape Town is a slow brew of mixed cultures, people and sommer bietjie van alles. I love Cape Town. The sea, mountains and then: the people.”

How did you get started creatively?
“So just before I had my son, I HAD to start something as I was not going back to work. Hubby (then) said I must stay at home. I can NOT sit and do nothing. CREATIVE TOOTSIES was born out of an idea to help my friend
make ends meet. It started out with bead work and then turned into anything I can put my hands to. Vinyl is my favourite.”

Please tell us about your personalised Christmas baubles!
“Christmas, like any other birthday, is extremely important to me. It is your special day, yours alone (and the person who gave birth to you) Jesus is our SAVIOUR, so celebrating His birthday with Him every year is so special!! That is His promise to us that He will always LOVE us.”

What can our readers win?
“Oh goodie – ONE lucky reader can WIN 4 hand painted xmas baubles WITH their name on!! ONE lucky ready will win ONE transparent bauble, 8cm that can open (with their name on) with a mini surprise inside.”

Okay Lucky Readers: please like and share this article on Facebook and you may be singing under a very specially decorated Christmas Tree this year! Want lots of custom baubles? Check out Fiona on Facebook!


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