Braai Time in Cape Town

Sizzling coals, rays of sunshine streaming down: yes, we love a good braai! So if you don’t want to mess around with meat yourself where do you go for a perfect stake? Here are our 5 top tips!

The Backyard Grill

Owner JP

Firm favourite in Sea Pont, wonderful food and their Secret Sauce is just perfect! From the outside this place may not look quite that inviting – dead plants for one thing, but that is compensated by the distractingly handsome owner, Mr South Africa JP Robberts. Service is a bit hit or miss, so get that bill when you can…
72 Regent road | Seapoint, Cape Town Central 8001, South Africa

The Butcher Man
Not really a proper braai-place, but let’s face it, braai is all about the meat! So no faffing around with desserts or starters, or even drinks, let’s get down to the meat and where better than at the Butcher Man? You can pick out your own cuts of meat and have them cooked by an expert. Do try the burgers, they will blow you away. Quick, clean and inexpensive.
105 Main Road | Green Point, Cape Town Central, South Africa, +27 21 434 1111


Mzoli’s is an iconic place in the township of Gugulethu. Owner Mzoli Ngcawuzele went from selling meat from a garage to owning one of the most buzzing places to eat in Cape Town thanks to start up funding. Mzoli’s all about the experience of a proper braai, with different stalls cooking your meat in different ways. Don’t bring your vegetarian mates here, not even for a laugh as they will starve. The cutlery is plastic, as are the chairs, but the atmosphere is very special and authentic.
Ny 115, Guguletu, Cape Town, 7751, South Africa

Carne on Keerom

Italian run with owner Giorgio Nava rearing his own Italian-South African cattle. Very minimalist, definitely not the cheap option, but the hanger steaks – apparently if you ask for that particular cut people will think you know a thing or two about meat – are spectacular.
70 Keerom St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa

Kubu Cuisine

Not a romantic first date kind of place, but if you’d like to try some of the more exotic types of meat, like crocodile, ostrich, warthog or zebra then this is the place to be! Snd because it’s a food court you can pick whatever you want to drink from one of the other stalls. Perfect!
32 Dock Road, Cape Town Central 8001, South Africa
+27 21 811 2606


Decades in the making and finally opening its doors on September 22nd, the Zeitz MOCAA has sold 24.000 tickets already. Not surprising as the building itself is well worth a visit! The entrance hall alone is an absolute showstopper, a 27-metre-high, cathedral-like atrium with a glass ceiling that also serves as a roof terrace with a sculpture garden. Not an easy conversion, the massive walls of the 42 former grain silos had to be hollowed out to create space for the museum.

The old grain silos had been sitting empty for almost two decades. A prime piece of real estate right in the middle of the touristy Victoria & Albert Waterfront, it had long been decided to bring a big cultural center here. However, negotiations with the Guggenheim, the Tate and Saatchi all fell through and when architect Thomas Heatherwick signed on to do the design it was still unclear what the building was actually going to be. Former Puma CEO, Africa lover and conservationist Jochen Zeitz – apparently he speaks seven languages including Swahili – didn’t mess about once he saw the building: within 30 seconds he had pledged his huge African art collection for at least the next 20 years.

The work on display includes pieces by Kudzarai Chiurai from Zimbabwe, El Loko from Togo, and Mouna Karray from Tunisia to name a few. There’s also an entire floor devoted to a retrospective of Nandipha Mntambo.  The Swaziland-born, South Africa-based artist has become famous for her cowhide sculptures, often using her own body as a mould. Nandipha said in an interview with Between10and5 that she was actually planning to be a forensic scientist before she became an artist.
As it turned out, Nandipha changed her mind and applied to the Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town instead. Her interest in chemistry and taxidermy came in handy when she was looking to find a medium to express herself: cow hide!  Not interested in being “that cowhide chick” over the past few years Mntambo has also turned to painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography video and recently she mentioned that she might start working with sound.

Of course not everybody is happy about the new museum: it’s a bold statement to be THE art museum for an entire continent. Then again: it’s a start!

Have you been to the MOCAA yet? Let us know!

Greenpop: Have a boogie, plant a tree!

Now that’s my kind of sustainable activity: bit of saving the planet, great food, lots of dancing. In a beautiful forest. Surrounded by wildlife.  “Active not anxious” is how Greenpop want to make you feel about sustainability and nature. eFoodies spoke to Greenpop’s Zoë Gauld about their next big tree planting event: Hogsback Tree Planting Festival in the Amathole Mountains!

Zöe Gauld: “We try making tree planting fun. Our whole mission is to make green popular, that’s where our name comes from: Green Pop! We are a Cape Town based social enterprise, we do urban greening and reforestation projects across Southern Africa.

We also organise festivals with live music, good food and workshops on sustainability in an exciting way. September 22nd until September 25th is our Hogsback Festival, just outside Hogsback village. We will be planting thousands of trees and expand the habitat of the endangered Cape Parrot and Samango Monkey ”

You also have a special family festival?
“Yes, we are trying to get kids excited about the environment, so we in March we also organise a special family festival. We split the event into two weekends, the last two weekends of March 2018, and one is for families with small children with puppet shows, and the following weekend is the Friends Weekend and that is more geared towards young adults. Basically anyone can join in, but we try to cater a little bit more towards the two separate groups in the different weekends. We are planting 8000 trees over the two weekends. I know it sounds like a lot, but that’s why it’s good to have a lot of people participating!

So September 1st is your birthday, congratulations  How many trees did you plant so far?
“Almost 80.000. We started out in 2010 with a to plant a challenge to plant a thousand trees in the month of September. Seven years down the road we have planted 80.000 trees in three different countries.”

Wow. More info on Greenpop and their wonderful tree planting mission on their website! Go on, it’s their birthday…..

Waffles, surf dudes and quirky shops: Kalk Bay

Quirky is the word most people use when describing loveable seaside Kalk Bay. You can stroll along the kay, watch whales or surfers, sit down for some fab food or shop in some of the cutest shops Cape Town has to offer. Here’s what our perfect Kalk Bay day would look like:

Did someone say waffles? I sure hope so, because there’s no better way to start the day than with a great breakfast and Lekker (‘tasty’ in Afrikaans) is just the ticket! The menu is short and sweet, we’d suggest the waffles as they are just perfect and if it’s cold why not have some of their legendary hot chocolate as well? Cosy and welcoming with great sea views, Lekker will set you up for a day of exploring in Kalk Bay.
Lekker, 106 Main Road, Kalk Bay 7975, South Africa

After all those waffles, you need to burn some energy so why not go and explore a cave and maybe even see some bats?! Boomslang cave is a very nice cave, especially if you haven’t done a lot of caving yet. The tunnel goes straight through the mountain which also makes it an ideal roundtrip for people with kids. There is quite a bit of crawling involved, so wear long pants that you don’t mind getting pretty filthy or just walk down the way you came! Do bring a flashlight but please be nice to the bats, they really don’t like having lights shining in their eyes while they’re trying to sleep!

Did you know: bats can eat up to 1200 mosquitos an hour?? So imagine if there were no bats, all those mosquitos zooming around in your bedroom….
So be nice to bats!

You have earned some shopping, why not have a browse at The Cook’s Room in Tin Pan Alley. Is it me or does that give it a very Harry Potter-esk kind of magic? Tin Pan Alley, who knows what might happen there! Here they have all the stuff your gran used to have! Personally I would also have a nice slow wander through ANPA jewellery. They can make you a bespoke piece, but their own collection, often using Mokume Gane the metal bending technique used in Japanese sword making, is just divine. And of course you have to stop by Quagga Trading just to gawp at all the unexpected treasures they have squirrelled away: rare books, sea charts, paintings and a stuffed zebra.

I don’t know about you but after all that I could do with a drink. Where better than Cape to Cuba? As one of the punters put it: “It makes you want to put on a bikini and sip a cocktail”. The decor is rather delightfully over the top, the music is loud, and the atmosphere is extremely laid back. Too laid back for some people but hey, have a mojito!
165 Main Rd, Kalk Bay, Cape Town, 7990, South Africa 

Take in a show 
Kalk Bay has its own theatre, a former church revamped to sit an audience of up to 78. The church has seen quite a few changes since its deconsecration in the 50s: it’s been a piano shop, a dance academy and a karate school! Owners Vanessa Harris and Ashley Searle took over the theatre three years ago.  Vanessa is a comedy actress and Ashley is a primarily a dancer, who shot to fame in So you think you can dance? .  They have their own company Follow Spot Productions, that create and produce most of the shows at the FollowSpot Kalk Bay theatre. The restaurant serves á la carte dinner before shows. More info on their website

Take back the streets!

Imagine what life would be like if there were fewer cars or simply more people-friendly streets! That is exactly what Open Streets is all about: during Open Streets certain roads are blocked for cars, so people can walk, ride their bikes, or even have a picnic in the middle of the street. There are Open Streets happening all over the world, especially in Latin and North America. On October 1st, the Main Road between Observatory and Cape Town CBD will be closed to cars from 10.00 until 15.00 so people can socialise in the street. had a chat with organiser Marcela Guerrero Casas: 

How did you get involved?
“I really wanted to do something for the city where I live and when I started talking to other people it turned out many of them were thinking along similar lines. I think there is a global consciousness or awareness around streets and public spaces. Open Streets in the US has ballooned in the past ten years.”

Was it hard to convince Cape Town Officials to close the streets?
“Yes. It is hard. We haven’t achieved it yet. We have tested it in five different areas. Because of Cape Town’s history and its urban planning the city is very segregated and very spread out. Very different from for instance Bogota or other Latin American cities where the density is quite high. You have to close a lot of kilometers before you connect people, connect communities, so that made it a hard sell. Also, city officials in Cape Town, like in every other city on earth, are very risk averse. They don’t want to be responsible for people being inconvenienced. They want to avoid complaints at all costs. So they say: why not keep it small, why not close down a few blocks, keep it manageable? People who have been to the Open Streets we’ve done so far have given us really positive feedback and that is what we are building on.”

Open Streets, Picture by Rory Williams

This Open Street will be the biggest one so far, 5 kilometers. Can you imagine an Open Street every week?
“I think this can and should become part of the fabric of this city. And those are not even my words, but that’s what the mayor of Cape Town has said. Every Sunday I can’t really imagine, mostly because of the weather. People are very weather sensitive, so I can imagine every Sunday during the summer season.”

Next Open Street will be on October 1st, more info on their Facebook page!

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