Love at first bite: Scandalous Foodtruck

Jeroen Janeke woke up one day and decided to radically change everything about his life and get himself a foodtruck. The result? Scandalously delicious Italian food on the go….

What are you cooking right now?
“I am making a very traditional Agnolotti. It is these little pasta pockets filled with slow roast lamb, pappardelle pasta ribbons with Lamb Bolognese. The pasta is of course homemade. I slow roast the lamb, add pecorino cheese, rosemary, garlic, parsley, fried onions and a touch of red wine. For the sauce: either mint and chili oil or creamy oregano drizzle. Both served with a small rocket salad and citrus dressing. E buono!”

I am sharpening my fork as we speak! So Jeroen, that’s not a very Italian name, is it?
“I was born in Mokum, but my family on my dad’s side is Italian. I also lived and worked there as a chef. I grew up in an Italian kitchen. Had my first glass of wine with cheese and capers at age 6 lol… “

Sounds good to me! How did you end up with a foodtruck?
“The lifestyle appeals to me. I got out of the corporate scene, worked in Angola for 8 years doing supply chain there. Also involved in uncut diamonds. I was still living in Johannesburg then. Then I woke up one day and realised that it was not a satisfying place to be. So I sold everything in Johannesburg, moved to Cape Town and then planned and started the food truck. The smile it puts on someone’s face when they take the first bite. That’s what it’s all about.”

Pizza Festival in Cape Town

I love pizza and pasta, so where better to go than the Pizza and Pasta Festival in Cape Town? Surprisingly enough, it’s the first of its kind! Food will be supplied by Tru Pizza, Posticino, The Pizza Punk, Col’Cacchio, Some Oaks Bistro, The Pasta Factory,  Bella Italia and Scandalous food truck, to name just a few. Scandalous’ Jeroen has promised to bring traditional Agnolotti, little pasta pockets filled with slow roast lamb and pecorino cheese…. Throw in music by Majozi, Sean Koch Trio, Daniel Baron & Minx and we feel we are on to a winner with this festival. So we had a chat with organisers Foosic – get it, it’s Food and Music – about the serious business of pizza: No. Bananas.

How did you come up with a pizza festival?
“We have a strong love for Pizza & pasta so we decided to create an event around it 🙂 We have over 30 years experience in the event game, so we are starting to create events based on what majority of people love. Including ourselves!”

So as a pizza lover, what is the best pizza topping?
“Has to have avocado, a meat ingredient and it is never complete without feta :)”

What should never, ever, be allowed near a pizza?
“Pineapple and banana.”

This could be you, eating pizza.

I hear you. Fruit has no business on a pizza. So do come on down to Tokai’s Market at The Range on September 16th, this Saturday. There are two sittings, the first from 11 till 5 pm, the second from 5 pm till 10 pm, seating is limited to 1500 people per sitting. More info here


Comedy in Cape Town: no joke!

Laughter, it’s good for you. There’s a science to it and more and more research is being done to the scientific benefits of laughter. As the Mayo clinic puts it: Laughter is no joke. It is seriously good for you. It lowers your blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, a good belly laugh even tones your abs! How’s that for a workout…

When I am feeling a bit glum I like to watch Eddy Izzard, or Michael McIntyre. Couple of hearty har hars and I’m right as rain!
And as luck would have it, Michael McIntyre is actually coming to Cape Town January 18th and 19th, get your tickets here!  Not everybody’s cup of tea, McIntyre is often considered too safe and bland, even irritating, by people who prefer their comedy with more swearing and controversy, but Michael has got plenty to laugh about as he was the highest grossing comedian in 2012!

Stand up comedy

Dalin Oliver at The Cape Town Comedy Club

Nothing like some live comedy to boost the spirits, and Cape Town has plenty of home grown talents ready to get you giggling. Cape Town Comedy Club started as a pop-up in 2005 but now there are five comedy filled nights per week at The Pumphouse. Voted one of the ten best comedy clubs in the world by! Even better, to chase away those Sunday Blues you pay only half price on Sundays….
Cape Town Comedy Club, The Pumphouse, 6 Dock Rd, V & A Waterfront, Cape Town, 8001, South Afric

Laughter yoga
The principle behind Hasyayoga, or Laughter Yoga, has very little to do with humor and everything with the benefits of unconditional laughter. Apparently your body doesn’t know the difference between real laughter and the fake version. During a session you learn how to laugh for 15 to 20 minutes, followed by relaxation. There’s even a Skype Laughter Club in case you can’t get to the center. More info on their website. Want to start right away? Here’s a neat video! .

Get up there yourself: take an improv class!
Nothing quite like making people laugh to get a rush. It’s also a great ice breaker: people will like you much better if you’ve made them laugh first.
Even seasoned comedians struggle with getting a resounding laugh going sometimes, including Michael McIntyre who once said in an interview: “I like the stage lights to be bright so I can’t see people because I will inevitably only see the ones who aren’t laughing. Sometimes I embarrass myself terribly and stop the show and say, “What’s wrong with it? You don’t seem to be having a fun time.”” So don’t worry if some of your jokes fall flat! Improv classes in Cape Town at Improguise.

Mama City Improv Festival
And once you are hooked on improvisation, you simply must check out Africa’s one and only International Improv Fest, founded by reporter and improv veteran Eva Gilliam. Eva is our hero because she really believes in improv and even financed the first edition of the festival herself. That takes some dedication! For the second edition she decided to go for crowdfunding, read all about the campaign and Eva’s love for all things improv here!

What makes you laugh? Please let us know!


Funny Cape Town: Mama City Improv Festival

Mama City is Africa’s one and only international improvisation festival, happening right here in Cape Town October 24th – 29th. We are always up for a good giggle, so we had had a chat with feisty founder Eva Gilliam about improv: “when people like it – they REALLY like it”

Tell us a little about yourself….
“My name is Eva Gilliam.  I grew up in New York City, and studied Anthropology and Filmmaking.  I’ve been a journalist, videographer and media trainer in Africa since 2001, working often in post-conflict zones for the UN and International Broadcasters, and also with youth in media production.”

How did you get into improv?
“When I started University at Barnard College (all women) in NYC, I saw posters for an audition with a campus improv troupe.  I didn’t really know what improv was, but I was eager to meet people and get involved with anything. I auditioned and made it!  I spent the next two years learning and performing with The Six Milks comedy improv troupe and I’ve had a love relationship with Improv ever since. I moved to Montana after college and started a troupe there.  Then when I moved to DRC in Africa in 2001, and I was improv-less until I found The Long Shots in Cape Town in 2012 who took me in!”

Why do you think Cape Town needs their own international festival?

Mama City Improv Festival founder Eva Gilliam, pic by Makario Sarzoso

“Up until last year, Cape Town only had two improv troupes, there was little to no collaboration, and doing improv, the best part is being challenged, playing with others, broadening your horizons! With a festival, we could bring in teachers for the current improvisers to learn more, as well as play with international performers, and grow our audiences with the attraction of International acts.  I think improv audiences are special.  It’s not for everyone, but when people like it – they REALLY like it.  Unfortunately most people in CPT don’t know about improv, or that we have it locally – so the festival is a way to bust out of that – grow the audience.  As a consequence of this, more audience members with hopefully want to try improv out – and they can do that at the festival – or at the classes taught by The Long Shots or Improguise locally.  And more people taking classes means more troupes in the future, which means more people to play with for all of us.  We can’t go wrong!”

 Why are you raising money with an Indiegogo campaign?
“In our inaugural year, I took the financial risk personally.  It was something I believed in so much I was happy to do it.  And we proved it could work!  We also got to introduce everyone to the idea and the feedback was great.  This year, with the pre-sales and support from Indiegogo we’re able to plan better, bring a more diverse group of teachers and not pay out of pocket! 🙂 “

Why should all of us flock to Mama City Improv?
“If you want to be amazed by your fellow humans, come to MCIF.  If you need laughter therapy, come to MCIF.  If you’ve always heard about improv and want to know more, come to MCIF.  If you want to expand your mind, think out of the box, and watch human, emotional, hilarious theatre, come to MCIF!”

Obviously, you need tickets, so click here!

And the winner is…..

I love competitions, especially when there’s something really nice to win, such as tickets to the fab Open Book Festival! So yes, two tickets were up for grabs, and the winner is….
The lucky winner has been notified, please keep an eye on our Facebook Page because we’ll be starting  all sorts of new competitions all the time!



Greenpop: Have a boogie, plant a tree!

Now that’s my kind of sustainable activity: bit of saving the planet, great food, lots of dancing. In a beautiful forest. Surrounded by wildlife.  “Active not anxious” is how Greenpop want to make you feel about sustainability and nature. eFoodies spoke to Greenpop’s Zoë Gauld about their next big tree planting event: Hogsback Tree Planting Festival in the Amathole Mountains!

Zöe Gauld: “We try making tree planting fun. Our whole mission is to make green popular, that’s where our name comes from: Green Pop! We are a Cape Town based social enterprise, we do urban greening and reforestation projects across Southern Africa.

We also organise festivals with live music, good food and workshops on sustainability in an exciting way. September 22nd until September 25th is our Hogsback Festival, just outside Hogsback village. We will be planting thousands of trees and expand the habitat of the endangered Cape Parrot and Samango Monkey ”

You also have a special family festival?
“Yes, we are trying to get kids excited about the environment, so we in March we also organise a special family festival. We split the event into two weekends, the last two weekends of March 2018, and one is for families with small children with puppet shows, and the following weekend is the Friends Weekend and that is more geared towards young adults. Basically anyone can join in, but we try to cater a little bit more towards the two separate groups in the different weekends. We are planting 8000 trees over the two weekends. I know it sounds like a lot, but that’s why it’s good to have a lot of people participating!

So September 1st is your birthday, congratulations  How many trees did you plant so far?
“Almost 80.000. We started out in 2010 with a to plant a challenge to plant a thousand trees in the month of September. Seven years down the road we have planted 80.000 trees in three different countries.”

Wow. More info on Greenpop and their wonderful tree planting mission on their website! Go on, it’s their birthday…..

Open Book Festival 2017: The Book is very much alive


Open Book Festival is entering its 7th year with style: big names like Man Booker Prize Winner Paul Beatty,  powerful poetry performances and a Super Hero workshop, to name just a very few! Organiser Frankie Murrey has been with Open Book from the very start: “The book is definitely not dead!”

 “When the organisers first approached me back in 2010 with the idea for a Cape Town Literary Festival I just said yes, yes, YES! Let’s do it. We thought Cape Town needed this kind of festival. Partly to showcase the incredible local talent, partly to introduce the local audience to writers from abroad they may not have been aware of before. Sometimes we draw in people using well-known international writers to raise the profile of local talent and sometimes it works the other way around. It’s a really interesting process and a wonderful way to introduce different readers to different writers. Traveling from South Africa to elsewhere in the world is expensive – with Open Book taking place in Cape Town, access becomes that much easier!”

Happiest memories?

“That’s a really tricky one!” Laughing: “That’s like asking me what my favourite book is! There have been a lot of wonderful moments. One of the things is the incredible generosity of authors every year. It amazes me every time. They put in the time for the event and then afterwards the conversations in the foyer, engaging with the local audience. That to me is a highlight every year. People talking passionately about the things that are important to them. Last year we had Mohale Mashigo talking about feminism.  I think that was a highlight not just for me but for a lot of people. There is so much passion, it’s so revitalising, you couldn’t possibly say that the book is dead or people aren’t interested in reading anymore!”

Booker Prize Winner Paul Beatty will be at Open Book Festival this year!

 I read the festival is bigger than ever, what does everyone simply have to come and see?

“We have so much exciting stuff happening! #cocreatePOETICA is packed full of performances and discussions, including a session that feeds out of a 3 day poetry journey selected poets will participate in. They will spend the 6 – 10 September exploring language, space and identity and I am very much looking forward to hearing more about the experiences they share. We’ve always got strong events looking at the challenges we face as South Africans and this year is no different. We have the current Man Booker prize winner Paul Beatty coming, and he is definitely going to be highlight! And as a spec fic fan, I am really excited that Ken Liu is joining us. His collection, Paper Menagerie, is a powerful read that touches on so much.”

 I also read about the Comic Fest and the workshop where you get to draw your own Super Hero. What would your super power be?

“I go backwards and forwards on this. Sometimes I’d like the eyes that blow stuff up, but I think I’d really like to be able to absorb information really quickly, just look at something and know it. Especially understanding different languages. ‘Knowledge Girl’, suddenly being able to read books in the original language rather than having to wait for the translation. Stories are such a big part of who I am, I would so love to have that super power!”

 What will your Super Power be? Find out at Open Book Festival! We are chuffed to give away 2 tickets to the event of your choice (subject to availability, so be quick)! Just like us on Facebook and you and a friend may just be the lucky ones!

Visit for the programme



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