Love, love, love: Shakespeare in Love

“You will never age for me, nor fade, nor die.” Witty, timeless and possibly the greatest love story ever told, obviously we are talking Shakespeare in Love, still playing for another month at the Fugard Theatre! 20 actors and one fabulous dog bring the timeless movie to life on the stage and eFoodies spoke to Shakespeare in Love’s director Greg Karvellas.

Hi Greg, can you tell us a little about the play, its history?
“Shakespeare In Love is a fictional story of William Shakespeare and how he came to write Romeo and Juliet and how he began Twelfth Night. The stage production we are doing was adapted by Lee Hall from the 1999 academy award winning movie of the same name written by Tom Stoppard.”

Why did you decide to do this famous story?
“I watched the movie when it came out, I was in high school at the time and it opened the world of Shakespeare to me. It made it accessible and fun. After reading the script and watching the movie again, all the magic I felt that winter afternoon in standard 8 came flooding back and I knew this would be a show audiences would enjoy.”

If I love the movie, will I love the play?
“Absolutely! They are quite similar with the difference being in some of the characters and their relationships. If you haven’t seen the movie you will still love the play and it may even inspire you to see the film and then come back to see the show a second time!”

Why should everyone drop what they’re doing and go see this play?
“It’s a brilliant piece of fan fiction which opens the world of Shakespeare to audiences who are both familiar and unfamiliar with Shakespeare. Its filled with hilarious comedy, heart breaking love and a bit with our gorgeous dog actor Bogart, who is guaranteed to steal your heart.”

Get your tickets here right now!

Braai Time in Cape Town

Sizzling coals, rays of sunshine streaming down: yes, we love a good braai! So if you don’t want to mess around with meat yourself where do you go for a perfect stake? Here are our 5 top tips!

The Backyard Grill

Owner JP

Firm favourite in Sea Pont, wonderful food and their Secret Sauce is just perfect! From the outside this place may not look quite that inviting – dead plants for one thing, but that is compensated by the distractingly handsome owner, Mr South Africa JP Robberts. Service is a bit hit or miss, so get that bill when you can…
72 Regent road | Seapoint, Cape Town Central 8001, South Africa

The Butcher Man
Not really a proper braai-place, but let’s face it, braai is all about the meat! So no faffing around with desserts or starters, or even drinks, let’s get down to the meat and where better than at the Butcher Man? You can pick out your own cuts of meat and have them cooked by an expert. Do try the burgers, they will blow you away. Quick, clean and inexpensive.
105 Main Road | Green Point, Cape Town Central, South Africa, +27 21 434 1111


Mzoli’s is an iconic place in the township of Gugulethu. Owner Mzoli Ngcawuzele went from selling meat from a garage to owning one of the most buzzing places to eat in Cape Town thanks to start up funding. Mzoli’s all about the experience of a proper braai, with different stalls cooking your meat in different ways. Don’t bring your vegetarian mates here, not even for a laugh as they will starve. The cutlery is plastic, as are the chairs, but the atmosphere is very special and authentic.
Ny 115, Guguletu, Cape Town, 7751, South Africa

Carne on Keerom

Italian run with owner Giorgio Nava rearing his own Italian-South African cattle. Very minimalist, definitely not the cheap option, but the hanger steaks – apparently if you ask for that particular cut people will think you know a thing or two about meat – are spectacular.
70 Keerom St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa

Kubu Cuisine

Not a romantic first date kind of place, but if you’d like to try some of the more exotic types of meat, like crocodile, ostrich, warthog or zebra then this is the place to be! Snd because it’s a food court you can pick whatever you want to drink from one of the other stalls. Perfect!
32 Dock Road, Cape Town Central 8001, South Africa
+27 21 811 2606

Win your own Custom Xmas Bauble!

Yay, it’s beginning to look a lot like… Christmas! I know, it’s early days, but now is the time to get ready, beat the December rush! especially if you’d like something custom made, just for you. Like the fabulous Custom Christmas Baubles Fiona Steyn of Creative Tootsies makes, and you can win your own custom bauble, just read on below!

Hi Fiona, tell us a little about yourself?
“My name is Fiona Steyn and I live in Bellville. I am under construction, a work in progress going on 40.
I love being creative and working with my hands. Born and bred in Cape Town, I also had my feet steady in the west coast.
My grand parents had a farm there, Holbak. That is where I became ‘mens’. We, my brother and myself, worked and played on the farm. We helped with the sheep, carried water to the farm house and we even had our own ‘boshuis’. Years passed and I had to start working. Loved what I did but the hunger for more was calling loud and clear.”

Have you always lived in Cape Town?
“Yes I have. Conceived in Parow. Born in Parow. Stayed in Goodwood and then later moved to Bellville.”

What does Cape Town mean to you?
“Cape Town is a slow brew of mixed cultures, people and sommer bietjie van alles. I love Cape Town. The sea, mountains and then: the people.”

How did you get started creatively?
“So just before I had my son, I HAD to start something as I was not going back to work. Hubby (then) said I must stay at home. I can NOT sit and do nothing. CREATIVE TOOTSIES was born out of an idea to help my friend
make ends meet. It started out with bead work and then turned into anything I can put my hands to. Vinyl is my favourite.”

Please tell us about your personalised Christmas baubles!
“Christmas, like any other birthday, is extremely important to me. It is your special day, yours alone (and the person who gave birth to you) Jesus is our SAVIOUR, so celebrating His birthday with Him every year is so special!! That is His promise to us that He will always LOVE us.”

What can our readers win?
“Oh goodie – ONE lucky reader can WIN 4 hand painted xmas baubles WITH their name on!! ONE lucky ready will win ONE transparent bauble, 8cm that can open (with their name on) with a mini surprise inside.”

Okay Lucky Readers: please like and share this article on Facebook and you may be singing under a very specially decorated Christmas Tree this year! Want lots of custom baubles? Check out Fiona on Facebook!

Cape Town’s Stone Circle Brewing

We love a good pint so we had a chat with Cape Town’s very own Stone Circle brewery, run by Nick and Jo.

Hi Jo and Nick, how is the brewery going?
“Starting any business is has it’s ups and downs but we are lucky enough to have a big group of regulars and our beer is receiving good reviews. The name reflects this: the Stone is for strength, the circle stands for our very special circle of friends.”

How did you get started as a brewer/brewery?
“We have a passion for beer and brewing. For four years we brewed every Sunday at home and then eventually went commercial.”

Favorite styles?
“We love everything and make different each month to keep it fresh. If pushed I would have to admit that I am partial to hoppy beers.”

Best beer experience you ever had?
“Winning the “People’s Choice” Award at the Woodstock Winter Beer Festival 2017”

The world is going to explode in an hour, what beer do you drink and why?
“I would drink something that I have never tried before.”

Anything you want the world to know about: anything goes!
“We are all individuals and we don’t have to be the same as everyone else.”

Laundry? There’s an app for that…

Laundry. One of life’s certainties: there’s always More. Laundry. But in Cape Town at least you don’t have to deal with it yourself anymore, because there’s an app for that! We spoke to born and bred Capetonian David Shleifman, who came up with the rather dashing Washr app:  it picks up your laundry and brings it back, clean! How is that for a great idea? And loyal eFoodies readers get a 10% discount, see below!

David, how did you come up with the idea for Washr?
“I came up with the idea when I realised that walking up and down to my local laundromat and dry cleaner was becoming a little bit of a pain. I searched around and there was no easy to use app or mobile app around that I could to get someone to my door with a big bag, pick up my stuff and drop it off within 24 hours without leaving my apartment. That was all I needed to create what is Washr today.”

You make it sound so simple! Did you always want to start a company of your own?
“Yes, I’m 29 and I have always known that I would be an entrepreneur from a very young age. I have a keen interest in marketing and really like watching people challenge themselves by building businesses from the ground up.”

Any washing tips you’d like to share?
“Did you know that you are able to unshrink your clothing?
-) Fill up a bucket of lukewarm water.
-) Add 1 table spoon of hair conditioner
-) Soak the piece of clothing for 30 minutes and gently stretch the piece of clothing back to it’s original shape.”

Thanks for that 😉 So you did your own laundry before you started Washr?
“Yes, prior to starting Washr I used a laundromat as much possible but being very close to Long Street as we know the only other thing more annoying than doing your own laundry is finding a parking in town.”

Perhaps that can be David’s next app, solving the parking problems in Cape Town? Until then, our lucky readers get 10% off their first time using washer using the promo code ‘eFoodies10’ within the Extra Info box in the order form! So forget going to the laundromat this weekend, why not go outside? Check out our 4 Fab Reasons to Go Outside


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