I know, it’s the weekend, you just want to sit and watch TV. I get it! BUT here are so many cool things out there, why not have a look at out favourites and see if you don’t get inspired? I dare you. I double dare you!

Moonlight Mass bike ride

A few years ago Daniel Graham and Elad Kirshenbaum thought it would be cool to organise a bike ride by the full moon. Half of Cape Town agreed and Moonlight Mass was born. The event grew so quickly that it turned into a bit of a logistical nightmare and by late 2014 Elad and Daniel decided to call it quits. However, recently an organisation called Critical Mass decided to reinstate the full moon bike fest to promote the bicycle as a form of transportation and cyclists’ right to participate in traffic. Hundreds of people join in each month in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Some of the rules: CM is about having fun, in a group, on wheels. Nobody gets left behind, everybody’s welcome.

More info here

Surf like an Egyptian!

Sandboarding may sound like something newfangled, but actually the ancient Egyptians already saw the awesome opportunities huge sand dunes could provide. I am totally imagining Cleopatra gliding around on a very blingy board! Sandboarding has aspects of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding but the great thing is you don’t have to rely on snow or waves, all you need is some decent sand! Luckily there’s loads of great sand around Cape Town, such as the Atlantis and Betty’s Bay dunes and plenty of companies catering for the aspiring sandboarder.

Try Sidewinder or Mamba!


A very active way to see the sights: sightrunning. Yep, it’s a thing with Sightjogging enterprises popping up in places as varied as Vienna, Barcelona, Brussels, Venice and, yes, Cape Town! You run along with a guide who takes you along the highlights of the city, but also shows you their version of the city they live in. It’s been a huge hit all over the world and Cape Town is no exception. It’s a lot more dynamic than following a guide with an umbrella and listening to a standard talk. And afterwards you will have earned that pint!

Run Cape Town  


Shark Cage Diving

For some this may sound like their worst nightmare: being stuck in a cage, under water, waiting for the Great White to show up. However, for the less Jaws-traumatised among us this could be at the very top of their bucket list! The Cape waters are one of the rare places in the world where there are still actually a lot of Great Whites left. Not such good news for the Cape Fur seals who are their main staple but hey, that’s nature for you :).   

The guys at Downhill Adventures have years of experience


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